A Library forms a very essential part of an educational institution and plays an important role in all academic activities. NCIT has a library with a vast collection of books related to all the courses, which diminishes the restriction of scholars for attaining knowledge from a limited stock of books. The library has been planned and is being developed by a qualified professional library staff. The library offers traditional and digital resources via browsing interface supported by exceptionally fast internet service. The tranquil environment in the library is the perfect place for reading. Services such as lending of books and journals, reading room, and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library.

1. No. of Books � The libraries have approximately 11,000 titles, 38,000 volumes, 220 national journals and 600 International journals.

2. Computers and Printers � The libraries are equipped with computers connected with Wi � max internet connection to help students access various e � journals.

3. Newspapers � The libraries have subscribed to all leading state and national newspapers. Newspaper stands are placed in the library for the comfort and ease of paper reading.

4. Magazines � The libraries provide over 48 magazines and as much as 28 national and regional newspapers.

5. Reading Rooms � The spacious reading room in the libraries provides a tranquil atmosphere to the students and the faculty members.